There’s a World of Blogs out There!

It is amazing to me how many blogs there are going out there that are worth reading!!! I could spend literally hours hopping around from blog to blog finding ones that enlighten and amuse. I have to really limit myself or I could become very easily addicted to reading blogs all day long! Since I have jumped over to WordPress as my blog site I have struggled a bit with trying to figure out how to add subscriptions and read blogs that are ones that are interesting. When I used Blogspot it was relatively easy to have a list and read the new posts as they came in. I am still figuring out the WordPress process a bit and need to spend a bit more time understanding how it all works. Like how to make the font bigger and how to add more widgets on the side. It does a great job of tracking stats and I could VERY easily become obsessed with seeing how many readers I have each day so I think I am going to have to really limit myself to checking those once a day……

Some of my favorite blogs are just the everyday life blogs–kind of like what I do here on mine. People just talking about what is going on in their lives on a daily basis—-posting pics of family and events—just basically sharing with the world what is going on in their lives. Nice because it shows me that there are a lot of folks out there like me.

Blogsurfer is a great way to check out a lot of different blogs at one place. It has a scrolling page where blogs rotate and you can click on any or all of them to explore them more. I would recommend this if you are just looking for a way to explore and find new blogs to read. I have a button on the right hand side of this post that if you click on it it will direct you to that site where you can surf to your hearts content!!! And waste a lot of time!!!

Am hoping to spend some time with Aaron this weekend and maybe he can help me refine this site a bit. I need an expert—something that I am not and he knows WordPress much better than I do!!! So bear with me—leave me some comments if you find a new blog that you would like to share. I may start featuring a blog of the week if I can get this cranked up a bit!

Oh and I am off to the next adventure! Taking my niece to Columbus for a couple of days of fun and time together. Gonna do some shopping (of course!) and hit the zoo tomorrow. Should be a great time!


  1. Scattered Rayn says:

    Hi there,

    I found your site in my “referrers” stats today and just had to come and take a look… and I am both surprised and honoured to see that somehow I’ve made it onto your blogroll! Thank you so much for that. I really look forward to reading through your blog entries and getting to know you a bit more that way :)

    Thanks for the add!!

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