Exploding Cheerwine

Aaron drove up to meet us yesterday and being the great nephew that he is he brought a couple of cases of Cheerwine for Carlton. Carlton got hooked on Cheerwine when we lived in North Carolina and whenever we came up to visit we would load a couple cases in for him. Aaron is now the “connection” so he usually brings a couple up if he makes the trek to Ohio. True to form this trip he did just that and as we unloaded them last night (they were the only item in his trunk) we had to deal with ripped cartons and cans rolling all over the trunk. He insists it is not his driving (how many of you out there have ridden with him?? ? You might disagree) but that the cartons were shoddy workmanship or something. Well several of the cans had crazy distended tops and of course as we unloaded and repackaged them one of them exploded ON ME! And another exploded on me in the garage that I had just cleaned and swept out….so now today I will try to deal with the sticky residue on the driveway and the garage floor and Carlton is less about 6 cans of Cheerwine. Lesson learned???? Don’t carry Cheerwine around in your trunk in the North Carolina heat for over a week……..


  1. Thomas E. Young says:

    I just discovered “Cheerwine” at Winco Foods and I noticed that when you open one it explodes and gets all over the place!…don’t open one in bed or you’ll have to wash your sheets and hands!…what the hell is in those cans that make them explode!!!???…Thom!!!

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