Nun Fun and Mahi Mahi

Did you ever see something that just lifted your spirits and made the day happier?  I have been so pulled in by all that is going on Japan the past week and it has been weighing on me heavily as it has been on many folks.  That is the down part of having a big heart.  I just feel things deeply and want to “do” something to help.  But for now I can only wait and pray.  So yesterday on a foray out into the metropolis that I can my community now I had the opportunity to smile.

I was walking through ShopKo and was venturing through the Easter aisle.  You know THAT aisle.  The one with all the delicious Cadbury eggs, Reese’s cups in the shape of Easter eggs, Jelly Bellies and of course Peeps.   Well at Shopko it is way more than an aisle.  It is like half of the store!   So I was enjoying looking at all of the things that I used to put in the boys’ Easter baskets.  Little puzzles and games, Easter themed pencils, books, etc.   As I was walking down the aisle that housed all of these things that I wish I could buy and put into Easter baskets again I noticed 3 nuns dressed in full habits, laughing.  One had gotten into the bin with those wind up toys.  You know the ones!  The ones with the little screw on the side of the chick or bunny that once you wind them up they hop all over the place???   Well, this lady had gotten several of them going and had them hopping like crazy and it just made me smile.   I leaned in toward the instigator and said “Some people just never grow up!” and one of the other sisters heard me and said “That is exactly what I just told her!”.  It was  fun moment in a day that needed some fun.  It was nun fun at its best. Thank you, Sisters, for making me smile .

On another topic–in our quest to eat healthier and drop some pounds in our household I have been cooking some different things as of late.  Turnip greens and and huge salads have made their appearance.  Lots of veggies and healthy choices are in our house now and I am happy to report that the hub and I are both dropping pounds.  Never mind the fact that our noses are getting pinker and we have started hopping around the house….it is worth it in the end, right?  So last night I made a delicious dish—Grilled Mahi Mahi Filets with Asparagus with Orange and Sesame.  YUMMMMMM!   I will post the recipe under the recipe tab on the left side .  It is worth the effort and was one of the best dishes I have made recently.  My picture did not turn out that great but you get the idea!  Let me know if you try it and if you like it!!!  Here’s to a great day of fun and healthy eating!


  1. I love it. Nuns like to have fun too and its nice to hear about it. I think I would have just stood there and giggled.

    • I did just that!!! It made my day. I know that nuns are “just people” but there is something about the habit that makes them look more serious, I think! Glad you liked the story!!! That is kind of what I look for everyday—nice things to share that can make folks smile! Hope you have lots of smiles today!!!

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