Charlie the Skillet Strikes !

I know it is Palm Sunday and I should really blog about something uplifting and religious and explain how much being a Christian is part of my life but most of you already know that!!!  So instead I digress and share with you an awesome video from CNN about an incredible man!  This is my kind of guy and I bet we would be best buddies if I lived in Springfield, Florida!!!  Enjoy the video and even more—enjoy Palm Sunday and all that it means!  Sorry about the extra coding–I can’t get it off of there—just click on the video!!!

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  1. Potatoes in the pan, grits in the man. God Bless him.

  2. Good for him! I’m sure he is enjoying the attention from the news folks as well.
    Happy Palm Sunday to you!

  3. Beth Ann, I’m sorry I hadn’t put up a way to subscribe to my blog via email. I thought I had done that a while ago, so I’m glad you brought it to my attention. It’s all set now. Thanks!

    What a great old fella! I’d have him as a neighbor any day. And Charlie too! Maybe I should give my cast iron skillet a nick-name too… How about Mabel??

    Have a peaceful Palm Sunday,
    ~Mrs B

  4. Those fry pans work very well for that. I remember a woman in the news that hit a robber in her house and knocked him out if I remember correctly. I know he was apprehended and she was safe!

    • The only thing I missed was what happened to the intruder…inquiring minds want to know if there is a flat headed guy walking around out there with pitchfork stabs in his legs!!!

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