Teapot Tuesday






This great teapot just recently came into my collection from my sister who found this beauty at her church rummage sale.  It is a Gibson from the 50’s or 60’s most likely and while I could not find an exact match on the internet I found several that were close to it.   Let’s just say she got me a good deal on it PLUS it is a pretty one !!! Thanks, Sissy!











  1. Great find!

  2. Your Teapot was made in the 1950’s.

    • That was about what I could figure. I could never find an accurate exact example to use for pricing tho! If you stumble upon that info I would love to know! Thanks!!!

  3. Oh, it’s so pretty. What a great sister you have ♥

  4. Such a pretty tea pot, and a treasure of a find!

  5. Patty Tumblin says:

    Very Nice!!!

  6. I read this on my NOOKcolor at the airport, but it wouldn’t let me comment, so I’m a day late. (or more, I’m really not sure WHAT day it is right now…) I’m so glad I found this pot for you, and glad you didn’t have one like it!

  7. and, I think it’s prettier in real life than the pictures show, don’t you?

  8. wow, you got yourself an antique there. The pattern is classic. one lovely tea pot

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