Gratitude Dance

My friend, Jen, posted this on her Facebook page for all of her "Yoof" to see....well....I loved it and thought that it was a perfect Sunday post.  A little intro as written on YouTube: There are no weekend box office charts for online videos. But if there were, at the top of nearly every list right now might well be a four-and-a-half-minute video called "Dancing." In just a month since its online release, it has been viewed by more than ten million people. After 14 months of traveling in 42 … [Read more...]

Babyccino, Anyone?

Seems the latest craze in New York is the babyccino.   Now when I first heard the headline all I could think of was a baby in cute little LL Bean chinos (or khakis as my son tells me is the appropriate term).   But no.......a babyccino, according to this article from Fox News   (and we ALL know to trust them for great reporting) is a mini coffee drink that sells for $2 and is described as follows: mini decaf cappuccinos or frothy cups of steamed milk, foam and cinnamon for the little … [Read more...]

Just a Few Things

It's Friday and that means it is blog hop day over at Feeling Beachie.  Hilary gives us four statements and lets us fill in the blanks.  It is always fun and I always learn something about everyone who links up.  Hilary is always looking for ideas for statements and if you send her some ideas she will make you the co-host of the hop!!!  So put your thinking caps on, get some ideas, hop over to Hilary's blog and let her know at what they are!  In the meantime, link  up … [Read more...]

The Written Word

How many people write letters anymore?  I mean the good old fashioned kind complete with salutation, body and closing??   I got to thinking about that today as I was perusing a wonderful website that my friend Bernie, over at One Mixed Bag, had posted on Facebook.  It was an awesome link to a website entitled Letters of Note.  The letter that she posted was one from Richard Feynman to his dead wife.   I told Bernie that this one struck a chord with me primarily because when we were much younger … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday-Kind Of…

[Read more...]

My Fleeting Moment

If you read yesterday's post you know that I was almost famous.  Today I am going to have my 15 minutes of fame, thanks to The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh!   He promised to let me do a guest blog on his great blog even though I did not win the 2 million view guessing contest--what a guy!  So I reworked a post and even though parts of it may sound familiar I would LOVE it if you stopped over there and checked it out.  Just click on this link here and it will take you right on over there. Click … [Read more...]

Putting Away My Crown

I almost had a brush with fame.  I came within 10 hours of it.  I must admit the past couple of days I was kind of giddy with excitement about my possible famous status.  But alas it was not to be. And what kept me from my date with fame, you may ask?  I blame Whitney Houston's death.   Which is a whole other sad post in itself that I won't write.  I had made a guess on a blog months ago.  You see, one of my blogger buddies, Mark aka The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh was holding a contest of … [Read more...]

Nom Nom Song

For a light hearted Sunday post I decided on one of about a zillion videos that I have been watching.  You know--it is so good to laugh.  And I have been doing plenty of that lately.   Please join me in watching the Nom Nom Song by the Marmots. … [Read more...]

It’s All Good

I think I found my mother's twin today!  Right in my back yard.  Well, actually ---kind of in my front yard diagonally and about half a mile.  Still with me?   I had to go get some goodies to start preparations for my fabulous lunch of White Bean Swiss Chard soup for my main squeeze so I headed out to HyVee.  Now our HyVee has the great practice of giving the customer 5 cents credit for each and every bag that they bring in to use.  I have quite a collection of these fabulous bags since that is … [Read more...]

Physics, Dark Chocolate, Water Smells and Laundry

Hilary at Feeling Beachie has a blog hop every Friday !!!  You know the drill!  Hop on over there and join up!  This week I get to co-host so some of the questions are mine!! Yippee!!!   Hang out with the cool kids and link up! The statements are: 1.       I don’t understand ___ and probably never will 2.       I prefer ___ to ____ 3.       My favorite smell is ______________because ___________________ 4.       I suspect my neighbors of _________________ My … [Read more...]


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