3 Words and a Song

I like the idea of not making New Year's Resolutions that I won't stick to.  They never seem to last and I just end up feeling like somewhat of a failure so when I read about selecting key words to focus on during the year a few years ago I was on board. The originator was blogger Chris Brogan who is somewhat of a legend in the blogger world.  When I read about his idea for the first time I loved it and jumped on the Chris Brogan bandwagon for choosing words for the upcoming year.  If you want … [Read more...]

Whatcha Reading?

One of my goals this year was to read 100 books and I am happy to report that this one time I accomplished what I set out to do.  I know a lot of you don't have the time to read and this year I was determined to make the time and I did.   Sometimes that meant that perhaps I might have neglected a few things along the way but by golly----I read my book! I have pretty eclectic taste when it comes to what I read and I am game to give just about any book a go but as I wrote about before here I am … [Read more...]

And So It Begins

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Driving a Manual to Go Drink Tea While Listening to the Messiah While Petting My Tiny Giraffe

It's Friday blog hop time over at Feeling Beachie!!! Join in the fun by clicking here to go to Hilary's blog, sign up and join in the fun by including the statements and your answers on your blog.  It is easy and fun and a great way to meet folks.   If you want---just leave your answers in the comments below, too!  Thanks, to Hilary and co-host Pam for this week's statements!! The Statements: Every time I hear ____ I think of _____ Sometimes I feel like I forgot how to ___ because I … [Read more...]

Twas The Day After Christmas and All Through the House….

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house …….that's as far I as got. Posts between now and the New Year may be a little sparse but of course there will be the annual 3 Words and a Song post AND the new January Comments for a Cause post coming up!!! So stay tuned for those! Our holiday has been wonderful.  Time with our sons is always the perfect gift and the bonus this year is  actually spending a whole week at Aaron's place together.  He is the perfect host, we have eaten … [Read more...]

My Favorite Christmas Video Forever

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Teapot Tuesday

I recently found a lovely woman on Ebay from Virginia who is listing her mother's collection of teapots bit by bit.   Several communications have gone back and forth between us and it seems her mother is in a nursing home and they are downsizing collections and household items. While that makes my heart a little sad I have promised her that her teapots will definitely have a good home where they will be loved and featured.  This is one of the first ones I purchased.  Just in time for … [Read more...]

The Best Gift Ever

Gifts can be big or small. Inexpensive or extravagant. Homemade or store-bought. Gifts can be given that last a lifetime or just last a moment. Gifts can be experiences or physical objects. I love gifts.  I love GIVING gifts.   When our family decided years ago to forego the gift exchange for the Brown side I was the last hold out because I loved to find the perfect gift but it was getting to be far too much with too many grandchildren and great grandchildren being added. The … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Nativities

I seem to have a collection of nativities as well as teapots.  My sister and I both love them and collect them and though we have never had them together I imagine we could outfit a small church with nativities for every window ledge, nook and cranny.   Here are a few of my favorite ones from my collection in a collage.  If you want to see one  a little bit larger just click on the image.   It should turn it into a slide show.  Enjoy! … [Read more...]

If It Is Friday It Must Be Blog Hop Day

I am back in the blog hop swing of things and Hilary from Feeling Beachie picked me to be her co-host this week which means that I came up with a couple of the statements for her to use.   She is always looking for new ideas so hop over to her blog and join in the fun and give her some statements of your own!!! This week's statements are: 1.  How is it ___________? 2. I can't believe how much easier it was to  _________ than to _________. 3. I like my ____________and … [Read more...]


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