Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour—First Rate Lodging

I hardly know where to start with sharing my past weekend in Franklin County but I decided to start with our lodging for the weekend.  The entire weekend was sponsored and paid for in full by the Franklin County Farm Bureau and Franklin County Tourism . I will be writing many posts about this event and that was an expectation of attending this weekend but I am thrilled to highlight all that we experienced over the weekend.  Trust me---it was a lot of fun. Chris was able to make it back from … [Read more...]


Extraordinary That one word describes the weekend. I am recovering from a very wonderful weekend.  Today's post will be brief as my brain is a bit fried.  If I tried to even attempt to begin a post I would not be able to do it justice so......I am going to wait, organize my thoughts and my hundreds of pictures and plan some posts that will really do the entire weekend justice. Suffice it to say Franklin County ---Iowa put out the red carpet for the bloggers for their 3rd Annual Franklin … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday!

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Throwback Thursday Australia Style

More Australian pictures from 2008 (click on any picture to enlarge!) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

"Peeking" Duck … [Read more...]

It’s A Thing

I pride myself on usually being on the cutting edge of things.  I love to be the one who has the handle on the latest trends and fashion.  NOT!   I like comfortable and that is not always the trend. On my last trip to North Carolina around the time of my birthday my best friend in the whole wide world, Ann, gave me some presents.  Socks were one of the presents because that is a thing with us.  Not sure why but it is.  A cute little can of flowers that if I add the right amount of sun and … [Read more...]

Throw Back Thursday

Throwing back to 2008 and some pictures from Australia today on It's Just Life!  Enjoy!  (Click on any photo to enlarge.) … [Read more...]

Someone Spoiled the Fun

I  was thrilled last week to see an oriole flitting through my back yard.  I have not seen them here before and so of course I rushed out to buy a platform feeder to put some goodies out specifically to draw them in. My current feeders did not have any tasty treats that they like and I wanted to attract more and more of these lovelies to our backyard. I got the needed items and carefully put the platform feeder and nectar feeder up where I would be able to observe them feasting.  It didn't … [Read more...]


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