Mr. Diamond Could Actually Become Mr. Diamond

Many of you know that I refer to my beloved husband as Mr. Diamond due to his past couple years of constant travel.  We have enjoyed the benefits that come with being a Delta Diamond member and I have reaped the benefits of that status many times. We are grateful for the special attention that frequent fliers get and think it is well deserved for those business travelers who spend a lot of time in the air and in airports. With that being said I might have found a way to preserve Mr. Diamond's … [Read more...]

The Game Ball

Today is The Big Game.  I don't want any problems with using the actual words but you know what I mean.  It is the day of the Superb Owl Game as Stephen Colbert has dubbed it.   While I do not have anything really invested in the game being played today I will watch and eat my obligatory Big Game Day food .   I will ooh and ahh over the commercials--many of which I have already viewed as the trend is to release the commercials early this year.   But in the back of my mind I will be thinking … [Read more...]

“Expert” Advice

I am "scarfily" challenged.   What that means is that try as I might I can never seem to make the pretty scarves that I have hanging in my closet look anything like other people make them look.  I love the look of adding a scarf to just accessorize and dress up an outfit but I have tried all of those Pinterest ideas and mine just don't turn out looking anything like the pictures.  Until now! I found a great You Tube video via Cinch.  If you have never heard of Cinch it is a fairly new social … [Read more...]

Guest Post by T. B. Markinson

Today I am thrilled to have T. B. Markinson do a guest post about her newly released second novel---Marionette.  This blogging world is a big and wonderful place and I found T. B. awhile ago and started following her personal blog at 50 Year Project and have totally loved it. When she broke the news that her first book, A Woman Lost, was coming out I jumped on the bandwagon and cheered her on.  Now she shares a bit about her latest novel and I could not be happier to share my blog with her … [Read more...]

My Alma Mater Made the News

Seems there was controversy brewing in New Concord, Ohio around a picture that used to hang in the lobby of John Glenn High School in memory of a beloved teacher who died years ago in front of her classroom of students.  No matter where you weigh in on the place of "religious art" in public places this story touched many alumni and friends of the school. I followed this story and knew that the end was near.  The picture no longer hung in the lobby area but in the administration area where it … [Read more...]

How Others See Us

My brain has been swirling around all over the place this week and it seems that I can't settle in to write a blog post for the life of me.  Too many ideas bouncing around in there some days but none that I can really write about quite yet. An Australian friend posted a cartoon on her Facebook page the other day and it hit me a little bit hard.   The cartoon was of a computer with the caption "Reboot America with no guns and free health insurance".   Ouch.  I usually shy aware from … [Read more...]

The Thrill Isn’t Gone—-Life on the Road

This weekend Chris and I had the joy of seeing B. B. King in concert at The Surf Ballroom for the second time.  The first time was in 2007 soon after we moved to Iowa.   It was our first experience at The Surf and we took our youngest son, Aaron, because he loves all kinds of music like we do.  It was a great evening---we were on the floor up fairly close and B. B . gave a great show. When I found out he was returning to The Surf I snagged tickets and a booth as soon as I could so that we … [Read more...]

The Rest of the Story

My town of Mason City has a lot to offer and one of the best things, in my humble opinion, has been the Sculpture Walk that they have installed this year.  I blogged about it here and here and here!  It took me 3 posts to show them all and many of you commented on the beauty of what the artists have to offer in the way of unique and interesting sculptures. My favorite by far was the one in front of the library entitled Circle of Friends created by artist Karen Crain. If you … [Read more...]

Comments Help Mend and Give a Second Life

There are just no words to tell how much  I love the first day of each month.  The night before I am busy tallying up blog comments---going through the comments and reliving what you guys have all contributed with your words.  It amazes me how many folks comment --still---after over 2 years into my decision to do Comments for a Cause.   If you are new here the concept is simple---make a comment on any post and it gets counted towards a 50 cent donation to the charity of the month. A quick … [Read more...]

Purrfect Post

My mom and I went on a little trek to see The Feline Historical Museum which is located in Alliance, Ohio.  I am still not quite sure, even after reading all the information, how this happened to become home to all of the wonderful exhibits that we viewed but I was very happy that my mom had spied the article in the local paper that featured it.  I took a bunch of pictures and today's post will be the first of several that will highlight this unique and informative point of interest. Cat … [Read more...]


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