Roaring Good Teapot Tuesday

How fun is this guy?  I found him in an antique / thrift store in Faribault when I went to visit my friend, Audrey, who writes at Minnesota Prairie Roots. She will have to leave the name of the shop in the comment section since I am forgetting what the name was and don't have my folder with me that has it written down. (Thanks, Audrey). I just love the detail on his face and the way his head pops right off to fill!  I have not tried to make a pot in him but I suspect he will not pour well … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday—Brown with a Case of Splotches

Thrift shops are often a great place to shop for a variety of bargains. I have to admit I have purchased my fair share of teapots in thrift shops and found some fabulous finds.  The teapot featured today came from Affordables here in Mason City.  You might remember that NIVC was one of my Comments for a Cause recipients not too many months ago and they run two Affordables stores here in Mason City.  I am always pleasantly surprised when I find a great buy and can help places like this all in the … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday—-Sometimes Size Matters

Isn't this just an amazing little teapot?  I found this special teapot on Ebay and immediately fell in love with the unique and beautiful designs that literally cover the porcelain.  The spout is uniquely shaped and the craftsmanship looked impressive from the photographs that accompanied the listing.   However I found myself wondering---what do the characters on the back of the teapot say?  Do they say "enjoy your cup of tea"?  Do they say "This teapot is made in China"? Do they … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday—Floral Delight

A sweet teapot find from one of my favorite places---Marshall's.  You just never know what you are going to find when you take a detour on the way home from the airport. Brew me a cup for a winter's night. For the wind howls loud, and the furies fight; Spice it with love and stir it with care, And I'll toast your bright eyes, my sweetheart fair. - Minna Thomas Antrim, 'A Night Cap,' A Book of Toasts You still have time to join in on every single giveaway from My Week of … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday—-Wedding Style

What could be more perfect than helping two young love birds celebrate their special day? Not much but when the young couple wants to thank you for the help you offered during the weekend with a present it makes anyone smile.  Now when that present is a TEAPOT it is like winning the best prize ever!!!!   What a sweet present and one that will ALWAYS make me smile and think of a lovely day spent with some truly special people. The wedding was so sweet---simply perfect and this … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

Isn't it adorable??  A lovely teapot with an apple on it.  Friend and blogger, Audrey, from Minnesota Prairie Roots, along with her husband, Randy, recently paid me a visit and spent the night at the Chiles Bed and Breakfast.  She came in with a lovely bag and surprise of all surprises---a perfect teapot for my collection.   The teapot is adorable and I have seen this one before but do not have one in my collection so I am thrilled to welcome it into the family.  What a thoughtful gift and … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

Who doesn't love a teapot that honors one of our most revered professions?   Firefighters are a vital part of any community whether they are volunteer or paid. Where would we be without them? Today's teapot is a tribute to those who have chosen this as a profession---and a very important profession! Thank you! I drink a bucket of white tea in the morning. I read about this tea of the Emperor of China, which is supposedly the tea of eternal youth. It's called Silver Needle. It's … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

Isn't she lovely?  A pretty red German teapot just aching to be filled with some lovely hot tea.   I found this beauty on Ebay awhile back and fell in love with it.   Nothing makes me smile wider than a red teapot.  Well---maybe Mr. Diamond. “Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?” ― D.T. Suzuki, Zen and Japanese … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

A presidential teapot?  Why, of course!!!  Who doesn't want to have tea with the presidents?  Made in 1966 this teapot features the presidents up until that date.     Drink your tea slowly and and reverently, as if it is the axis the world earth revolves---slowly, evenly, without rushing towards the future.   Thich Nat Hahn … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

Ah---it's Tuesday and if you have been around It's Just Life for any length of time you know it is Teapot Tuesday where I highlight a teapot from my massive collection.  I know I should be downsizing and all in anticipation of our move to Texas but not when it comes to teapots. Hey---I did manage to get of a lawnmower and an old coffee maker today so that counts, right? Today's teapot is a lovely purse themed teapot---one that is an Annie Rowe Collectable and purely decorative and not … [Read more...]


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