Do You Play Favorites?

I watched Anderson Cooper's show the other day because I think he is just neat.  I love his giggle.  And I have started to really like his show.  He covers interesting topics that draw me in.  And at 4 pm I seem to be ready to take a break and sit down and veg out for an hour before I start dinner. The other day his topic was Favorite Children and how being favored ( or not favored) affects children.   I found it pretty interesting and eye opening as he had mothers on there who admitted ON … [Read more...]

The Writings on the Bathroom Wall

It seems  like "bullying" is in the news again.  Every time you turn around there is yet another story about a young person who has been bullied.  Unfortunately many to the point where they can no longer stand it and take their own lives.  I watched Anderson Cooper (LOVE that man!!! And his giggle---how cute!) and he had some stories on about bullying and it made me think back to about 35 years ago..... I was not always the self assured and suave person that I am today.   (If you really know … [Read more...]


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