Slightly Savory Saturday—Savory Kielbasa and Pasta Skillet

I love simple recipes and today's offering takes hardly any time at all to make and includes only a few ingredients which makes it a winner in my book.  Great any time of year for a hearty and delicious meal---it may be what's for dinner tonight. Savory Kielbasa Pasta Skillet Ingredients: 1 pound package of any type of Kielbasa 8 ounces pasta---any kind works fine---I used penne for this recipe 1 package of chicken flavor boost (I used Swanson's) chopped colored peppers … [Read more...]

Life is Too Short

Life is too short. Life is too short to not take the time to do something fun every single day. Life is too short to not use the good dishes or eat in the dining room. Life is too short to not wear the expensive perfume. Life is too short to not say what is on your mind. Life is too short to be wasted on silly disagreements. Life is too short to not stop and admire every beautiful thing in nature that we happen upon. Life is too short to not embrace new things. Life is … [Read more...]

Just a Walk Through A Graveyard

Graveyards and cemeteries have always fascinated me.  There is just a lot of history and interesting facts that can be gathered from taking a leisurely walk through a place where many go to remember a loved one.  When I was in college I often went to the cemetery outside of town to study.  Weird, maybe, but no one bothered me there. When our boys were little we tried to teach them to respect places like cemeteries which many people hold as sacred spots.  Our oldest, Micah, called them "little … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

[Read more...]

Confessions Tour

I am thrilled today to highlight one of my favorite authors---T.B. Markinson.  You might recall that I have featured her on It's Just Life before and you can read those posts by clicking here and here.  I first "met" her when I found her somehow (that is still a bit hazy to me how I first found her!) and started following her travel blog and we forged a friendship across the pond.  Today I am thrilled to offer a little interview as part of her Confessions Tour.  Please join me in welcoming T.B. … [Read more...]


Driftless---having no aim or direction. This past weekend I found myself in a state of driftlessness.  My plans changed dramatically due to Mother Nature and I found myself without a schedule and itinerary.  It was odd.  A bit disconcerting. Saturday I awoke at the usual normal hour of 6 am and could not fall back asleep.  The mind was working overtime mulling over the events of the past day. I like a plan.  Chris and I are definitely planners.  Our lives have always needed to be … [Read more...]

Two Planes, A Couple of Storms and a VRBO Scam = Interesting Day

It was supposed to be a romantic weekend.  Mr. Diamond and I were meeting in Chicago for the weekend.  He was coming from Texas and I was taking the short flight from Cedar Rapids to Chicago so I would not have to mess with driving in Chicago.  We were meeting at the airport and then getting a rental car to take us to our VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) house in Oak Park. Not only was I super excited because not only would I spend a weekend with my husband, I was also going to be able to tour … [Read more...]

Book List 2014

I am making great headway on my books read in 2014.  I have some more free time lately and have made a dent in a reading a few on my TBR list.   I am always looking for great books to read and recommendations of friends so chime in in the comments to tell me what your favorite book is that you have read lately.   I have a lot on my Kindle and a whole library full to read but I love recommendations! 1.January Thaw by Jess Lourey 2. Playing With Matches by Carolyn Wall 3. The Senior Moment by … [Read more...]

Share Your World –2014 Week 35

I decided to try out a new thing this week just for fun.  Cee from Cee's Photography has a fun thing going on every week where bloggers Share Their World.  Patti from A New Day Dawns has shared her world for quite a while and I thought this week it would be fun to change it up a bit and join in the fun.  Make sure you hop over to Cee's to see what is going on. Here are the questions Cee poses for week 35. Have your blogging goals changed?  Absolutely.  When I first started blogging it was … [Read more...]

Pulling It All Together

Ahhhhhhhh………don't you just wish you were lounging by this lovely turquoise water in Bermuda about now?  I know I am wishing that my toes were in the sand there about now but for now this will have to suffice. I think it is just kind of that time of year for a lot of us.  I feel a little bit like this guy that I saw on Facebook today. I am feeling a bit frazzled but today I am pulling it all together and going to regroup and refocus my efforts to get my life together. I am … [Read more...]


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